Сontent Marketing

Сontent marketing is used for any type of business.  It concerns the sales of goods and services in the Internet.

Useful content posted on your website will be able to attract the attention of potential customers and appealing to your target audience. It should contain useful information allowing to find answers to any questions.

What is content marketing

Content marketing is

  1. Constant interaction with your target audience through seeding useful information that results in customer loyalty to your business.
  2. Demonstration of your competence in a particular niche of business that increases trust from your target audience.
  3. The ability to use the content to answer the questions of your potential customers, attracting their attention to your business.

The benefits of using a content strategy

  1. Increasing traffic to your website.
  2. Attracting interested customers and a steady increase of their number.
  3. The increase of the number of subscribers that will soon become your real clients.

What types of content can be used in your business?

Depending on goods or services you provide, content marketing company «K&Q» helps you to more effectively present them on your website to attract potential customers:

  1. Product descriptions.
  2. Posting news about your company or new products.
  3. Writing useful  and selling articles.
  4. The placement of the posts and pictures in social networks, attracting the attention of your target audience.
  5. Embed videos.
  6. Graphics and infographics.
  7. Writing press releases.

On what sources we can accommodate your content?

  1. On the website.
  2. On the blog.
  3. In social networks.
  4. Emailing.
  5. You-Tube channel.

Content-marketing specialist «K&Q» company develops content strategy for all the above mentioned sources of content distribution taking into consideration the client’s wishes and the specific type of business.

What is the cost of the services of content-marketing specialist?

The cost of developing an effective content strategy is from 500 $/month.

The cost is calculated depending on the number of the chosen using of one or the several sources of content distribution (website, blog, social network).

What does content-marketing specialist do?

  1. Analyzes the content on the customer website.
  2. Developes a content strategy depending on the types and purposes of business.
  3. Developes a long-term content plan.
  4. Writes selling and useful articles.
  5. Carries out seeding content on various sources (website, blog, social networks).

Do you need content marketing?

Do you have any questions?

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