Do you want to increase your site traffic?

You can order the Internet promotion from the «K&Q» company and you will get personalized recommendations for attracting potential customers.

We offer:

  • Analysis of customer audience and competitors' projects,
  • SEO/SEM and contextual advertising,
  • Content marketing,
  • Copywriting,
  • Advertising in social networks using effective targeting techniques.
What are your benefits?

If you order promotion of the website from the «K&Q» company, you will get:

  1. The growth of the number of potential customers on your site by the end of the second month of the promotional process.
  2. Operative implementation of all works on the site. Our client never waits for too long.
  3. Transparency of advertising budgets distribution. You will always know where your money is spent.
  4. Monthly reporting. You will quickly track the result of promotion.
  5. Additional bonuses in case our cooperation is more than 3 months.
The reasons you can trust us the promotion of your website
  • Our experts with 10-year experience in the field of Internet marketing will work on your project,
  • We have completed more than 100 successful projects,
  • We have positive recommendations from our loyal clients,
  • We use only reliable methods and tools for website promotion.
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How we work

Our cooperation consists of 4 stages:

Our cooperation consists of 4 stages


Our team includes


Project Manager









The Project Manager discusses the plan of work with the client.
The SEO-Expert does the internal and external site optimization.
The PPC-Expert sets up ads for attracting your target audience.
The Content-Marketing Expert creates a content strategy to promote your business.
The Copywriter writes texts for web-promotion.
SMM-Manager sets up advertising in social networks.


Examples of our work

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What about our guarantees?

In Internet marketing it is difficult to give any guarantees as a lot depends on your business.

However, we can guarantee that you will receive:

  1. Increase of the number of visitors on your site.
  2. Keeping of work completion time.
  3. Selection of reliable and effective Internet promotion methods for your business.
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How to get profit from Internet promotion of your business without investing much finance? We want to get a quick result and not to wait for 3 months.

Answer: Unfortunately, the promotion of the site is quite a long process, it requires time and financial investments. At the same time, the result of the promotion is the constant increase of the profit and the number of new customers. That is why the promotion of the site is worth investing money.

Why did not I get real clients when the promotion was executed by other performers?

Answer: We can guarantee the increase of the target audience of your website. Also we can predict a probable number of orders.

Why did we get few calls and orders in spite of a good traffic?

Answer: We will analyze the number of received calls and the reasons of low sales.

How much is our service
How much is our service
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Additional benefits you can get

If you order the promotion of the website from the «K&Q» company, you will get bonuses and discounts such as:

  • Free site audit,
  • Participation in the «K&Q» partnership program. If you recommend our services to other people, you will receive a personal - 10% discount for promotion services,
  • If you pay for 3 months in advance, you will save 10% for «K&Q» services.

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